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Perform market research, generate prospect lists, and analyze industry sectors across time and space. EconoVue Screenshot

EconoVue™ is a new window for viewing the economy, assisting businesses, job seekers, real estate developers and local governments to make informed decisions based on the best economic and demographic data available mapped across time and space. It features detailed dynamic printable/exportable market research and demographic profiles, dynamic business lists and industry sector reports for any selected census geography or city-defined boundary.

Current business data for online prospect lists and market research

EconoVue™ provides over 2,000,000 current Dun and Bradstreet business records for the state of California that are updated on a montlhy basis. Exportable business lists can be generated for any selected census geography or city-defined boundary and refined based upon mulitple criteria, so that you only download the records you need. It also provides access to 20 detailed Dun and Bradstreet credit and business reports for any business in California

Historic business data for industry trend analysis

EconoVue™ includes the National Establishment Time Series (NETS) database, featuring historic Dun and Bradstreet data for the state of California dating back to 1990. These data can be mapped thematically across time, and dynamically-generated multi-year Excel workbooks can be exported for any selected geography.

Options for use: Pay-As-You-Go or Subscribe

EconoVue™ is available in a few ways. The options under "Pay-as-you-go" in the left column require no login or password. You will only pay for data if you want to download it. Subscriptions are also available for those who want to download data on a regular basis or who would like to customize EconoVue™. To learn more about subscribing, click on "Become a Subscriber" in the left column.

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