The BOS Website offers extensive information about starting, growing and sustaining a business. Once a business is in operation, there may be times when the business may need to be re-sized. During times of economic growth and prosperity, this can mean increasing staff, purchasing capital equipment, growing your infrastructure, moving to a larger commercial or retail space, etc.  If this describes your situation, browse the "Growing Your Business" drop-down menu to view information on these topics. 

But if you are experiencing economic or business challenges, you may be considering options for scaling your business back - perhaps reducing the number of staff and/or reducing salaries, consolidating the business into a smaller commercial or retail space, foregoing future expansion plans, etc.  The information and links below can assist you in reviewing your options - all services described are offered by work2future, a leading partner in

Outplacement & Career Transition Services:  Outplacement services are provided by work2future at no cost to companies and their employees and there is no minimum requirement for the number of employees serviced by the program.  The organization works with all types and sizes of businesses, from large to small, and all levels of employees, from entry level and professionals to executives.

  • Business Incentive Programs:  Employers who contact work2future can get current information regarding Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Enterprise Zone Tax Credit provisions and possibly apply for these credits if they qualify. In addition, businesses can obtain assistance in accessing business-friendly loan/financing programs available through the City of San Jose Office of Economic Development, Small Business Administration and other local business incentive programs.
  • Layoff Aversion: If a local business is experiencing difficult times and is considering mass layoffs or closures, the work2future Outplacement staff can provide various forms of assistance, including exploring mechanism that can allow the business to avoid layoffs.  Working in tandem with economic development specialists, the work2future Outplacement staff seeks to use tax credits, enterprise zone vouchers, information on loans and business incentive programs, business consultants, and acquisition of additional lands, etc.  
  • Downsizing Plan Assistance:  Businesses considering options for downsizing who contact work2future will receive assistance in preventing, preparing, and/or executing a downsizing plan.  Careful preparation and execution of company downsizing can have a positive impact on an organization's bottom line productivity. Professional assistance is provided in two phases:
    • Lay-off Consultation
      • A confidential early warning meeting with human resources staff to plan and design a strategy for workforce reduction.
      • Development of alternatives to help avoid or reduce current and future lay-offs
      • Assistance in navigating government business programs and regulations
    •   Transitional Services
      • Establish on-site career transition center services for your employees 
      • Coordinating work2future services with outplacement firms
      • Coaching assistance to prepare affected workers for new employment
      • Provide services to businesses experiencing company closures
  • Rapid Response Program for Laid-Off Workers:  Rapid Response is a strategy where experienced staff responds to layoffs and plant closings by quickly coordinating services and providing immediate aid to affected companies and their workers.  By inviting the work2future Rapid Response Unit to meet with affected workers prior to the layoff will allow your employees to access programs and services, which will help them through that difficult time.  Workers who have received a notice of layoff or termination or are likely to become dislocated and have information and access to adjustment and reemployment services before they are laid-off, tend to have a more positive attitude towards the current employer and production levels are maintained.  Early intervention plays an important role in dislocated worker programs. It can be the key to a workers transition to new employment.  The Rapid Response Video shown on this page was developed by work2future to assist laid-off workers with this transition.