We have developed a Green Self-Assessment tool to help businesses discover green actions that help the business and environment.

The Green Self-Assessment test consists of 40 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.  At the end of the test you will be scored by your answers and be given suggestions on how to create a greener business.  You will be given an option to have BOS or a partner organization contact you regarding your test.

Which industry sector best describes your business?
How long is business conducted in the office?
Do you currently own or rent the office space for your business?
What percentage of your business's windows and doors are equipped with weatherstripping?
Has your company performed an energy audit to analyze energy usage and identify potential savings?
How often is maintenance performed on your company's HVAC system?
Has your company insulated all supply pipes and water heaters?
Has your company considered installing solar panels?
Does your business purchase electricity generated by clean energy sources through your local utility? (Please indicate if PG&E currently determines your power mix)
If you have landscaping, have you upgraded to a water efficient irrigation system and or native plants?
Green Awareness
Do you believe that 'greening' your business practices can be good for your company's bottom line?
How far do the majority of your company's supplies/inventory travel to reach your business?
How willing are you to make 'green' investments that would result in immediate cost savings?
How willing are you to make 'green' investments whose cost savings will take 5 or more years to realize?
How willing are you to make 'green' investments that will not provide any cost savings, but will improve the environment?
Have you ever accessed Federal, State or Local resources available to help green your business?
What percentage of your company's equipment are EnergyStar certified?
Do you monitor/control your power usage?
What percentage of your incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by more efficient CFL or LED bulbs?
Does your company use motion sensors to control lighting in frequently unoccupied areas such as storage rooms or bathrooms?
Do you make use of natural light?
At what temperature does your company keep the thermostat during summer months?
At what temperature does your company keep the thermostat during winter months?
Are HVAC vents kept closed in unoccupied areas in your business?
What percentage of your company's waste is currently being recycled or reused?
Are you aware of recycling facilities for batteries, cell phones, electronics and florescent bulbs?
Does your business purchase recycled-content office products, such as paper?
Does your company promote environmentally safe products? Including cleaning
Are you aware of hazardous waste recycling and disposal facilities for paints, pesticides, automotive fluids, cleaners, propane tanks, fats, oils, greases and other hazardous fluids?
Does your business donate unwanted but useable items, such as furniture, supplies, electronics, scrap materials, or computer disks?
Have you educated your employees about household hazardous waste, making receptacles accessible?
Has your company performed a water audit to analyze water usage and determine where efficiency improvements can be made?
Has your business upgraded to low flow toilets?
Has your business upgraded to high efficiency faucets?
Green Publicity
Is your company interested in aquiring a 'Green Business' certification?
Has your company promoted your efforts to go green to employees and encouraged them to spread the word to customers/clients?
Has your company applied to be a 'Green Power Partner' through the Environmental Protection Agency?
Does your company have a marketing strategy for promoting your green efforts to the broader community through print, radio, tv, and online media?
An automatic report of your responses will be sent to you by email. Would you like to share this with an advisor?
Would you like to have a follow up call/visit from an advisor?