The website offers several online tools and resources that can assist entrepreneurs and business owners in starting, growing and sustaining their business:

  • Self-Assessment - The Self-Assessment is a 5-question process that can direct you towards the resources and information on the BOS website that you need most.
  • Business Readiness Assessment - The Business Readiness Assessment is a detailed online diagnostic process specifically designed to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs a comprehensive method of assessing their risk and capability profile.  Those who complete the Business Readiness Assessment will receive a summary report that can be used as a guideline for starting, growing and sustaining a business.
  • Business Plan Template - The BOS Business Plan Template is a helpful tool that will guide you through the process of creating a business plan.  The template walks you through the necessary sections of information as well as suggests areas of content that should be covered in your plan.  When you complete the template, you'll be able to export and download your Business Plan and edit it offline with Microsoft Word, enabling you to make any final adjustments as well as attach supporting documents and financial reports.
  • Forum - The BOS Online Forum is a business-to-business resource enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to connect with each other and provide information, support and mentoring.  Our forum is also facilitated and moderated by a BOS Representative, enabling those who post comments to also receive input from professionals at 
  • Event Calendar - The BOS Event Calendar lists workshops, seminars and events for business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Cyber Security - It is important to understand that neither the size of your company nor the type of your business guarantees protection from an attack. If you use the Internet, you are vulnerable. If you follow the recommended best practices contained here, you will be substantially less vulnerable. Please click the "Cyber Security" link for more detailed information.
  • City of San Jose Procurement Opportunities – Find contracting opportunities with the City of San Jose.
    • Be sure to register with BidSync in order to be recognized as a qualified vendor.